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Ownership Group

DeWine Seeds Silver Dollar Baseball, LLC

The DeWine Family purchased the Asheville Tourists Baseball Club in January 2010 from Palace Sports and Entertainment and took control of the historic franchise on April 1, 2010. The team is operated under the name DeWine Seeds Silver Dollar Baseball, LLC.

The DeWine Family journey into baseball started when Dick DeWine returned from fighting in World War II. He went to work for the family feed and seed business that his parents established in the 1920s in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Dick, as everyone called him, took over the business and together with his wife, Jean, they helped transform the small business into a national and international seed company. They built the business on close personal relationships -- whether they were with local farmers, seed dealers, elevator operators, or international businessmen.

Dick loved baseball -- especially the Cincinnati Reds. When he was just 16, he and one of his buddies camped out in line for 36 hours to get tickets for the 1939 World Series, when the Reds were playing the Yankees. They ended up in two different ticket lines, but had made a deal that whoever got up to the ticket counter before the tickets ran out would buy two. Dick was able to get two tickets, but then he couldn't find his friend. It got close to game time, and Dick had to go inside the ballpark.

When he was inside, though, he went up to the top deck at Crosley Field and searched again for his friend. He looked down below, outside the ballpark, and there was his buddy, walking away in tears, empty-handed.

Dick reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver dollar that his father had given him and wrapped the other baseball ticket around it. Then, he threw it over the railing, hoping and praying that it would fall at the feet of his friend.

Amazingly, it did -- and they both watched that game together!

Thus the name DeWine Seeds Silver Dollar Baseball!

The Mission Statement of the Asheville Tourists

To provide the families and residents of Western North Carolina a special and affordable place to make memories together experiencing America's Past Time. To intertwine the Great Game of Baseball with the community through charitable acts and community involvement. To pass the game onto the next generation and enhance the quality of life in the community, thus remembering why baseball truly is America's Past Time.