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Host Families & Player Housing

Looking for a way to get more involved with the Hops? Open your home to a Diamondbacks prospect and become a 2019 Hops host family.

Host families share their home with a Hops player from June to September. The Hops ask that you live within 10 miles of the stadium and have a spare room and bathroom for the player to use. You are not required to provide transportation but are certainly welcome to if possible. The same goes for meals and other household amenities. You may ask for rent to be paid but rent payment is set at your discretion. If you decide to ask for rent payment, the average rate is $200 per player.

If you would like more information about becoming a host family, are interested in hosting a Hops player for the season, please contact Casey Sawyer at 503-640-7266. We ask that all interested host family candidates fill out the Host Family Application and email it to [email protected], or return it by mail to:

Hillsboro Hops Baseball
4460 NE Century Blvd.
Hillsboro, OR 97124