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Gades Give Back Ticket Program

The Gades Give Back Ticket Program is a brand new community initiative that honors and gives back to groups of individuals that help lead, educate, secure, care for & protect our communities & nation! As a community focused organization, the Renegades feel it is extremely important to do something for these selfless individuals who are focused on making our communities better. We are excited that this initiative will allow more of these individuals to be present at Renegades games throughout the 2022 season!

How It Works

Each month of the season, the Renegades have selected different groups of people that will have the opportunity to receive two (2) free Valley Reserved tickets to a home ballgame during their groups honored month.

Give Back Schedule

April Games: Government Employees (includes town/city employees, county employees, state employees, federal employees)

May Games: First Responders (includes EMS, firefighters, police, corrections officers, security personnel)

June Games: Education Staff (includes teachers, principals, school counselors & coaches, administrative staff, janitorial staff, cafeteria staff)

July Games: Healthcare Workers (includes nurses, doctors, administrative staff, janitorial staff, etc.)

August/September Games: Military Personnel (includes active & retired military members of any branch)

Receiving Your Tickets

Below are the steps to receive your Two (2) Free Give Back Valley Reserved Tickets:

  • Tickets can only be received in-person at the Renegades Box Office
  • You must show a form of identification proving that you are part of one the above honored groups
  • Game tickets must be for the month that your group is being honored
  • Tickets are limited to one game per individual during your honored month
  • Additional ticket, beyond your two (2) free tickets, will be subject to standard pricing for the selected ballgame

All of the Renegades Community Initiatives are presented by Westchester Medical Center Health Network (WMCHealth)