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The Hudson Valley Renegades are pleased to partner with Curemark on a Sensory Safe Suite at Dutchess Stadium. Suite Eight has been redesigned as a fun, accommodating and functional space for families with children on the autism spectrum and with special needs to help better enjoy the game.

The Curemark Sensory Safe Suite has features that provide a comforting, relaxing and less stimulating space for guests to experience a Renegades game while still being fun and functional. This allows guests in the suite to decompress and enjoy baseball with their family away from the louder, hectic and often over-stimulating environment in other areas of the ballpark.

For the 2023 season, one family will be chosen to use the room per game at no charge. The Curemark Sensory Safe Suite can hold a group of up to 12 people on any given game night. Families can request use of the room by filling out the request form below.

For more information, please contact Marcella Costello, the Community Partnerships & Guest Services Manager, at [email protected] or by calling (845) 838-0094.

"Our group had an AMAZING time at the game yesterday! We are all still glowing from such an incredible experience. The boys really loved and appreciated having access to the sensory room, and the amenities that are included in that room are perfect. Thank you and the Hudson Valley Renegades for creating an atmosphere that allowed our whole friends and family to experience a baseball game at their own pace and comfort level." - Stephanie S.

"We had such a wonderful time at last night’s game in the sensory suite and I cannot thank you and your team enough. For families like ours, something as simple as going to a baseball game would be hardly possible, and likely not enjoyable because of all the stimulus and the issues of space. I know this is the first season with the suite, and I want you to know it was perfect! James was able to sit out on the seats with his dad and grandpa and really attend a real ball game while my daughters, who would both be too young to attend in regular seats, were thrilled playing in the suite. The privacy was great while also getting to enjoy the game. Since my son was diagnosed, I’ve come across events and places with programs or spaces meant for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and we’ve learned to approach them with hesitation because they often end up being a disappointment, despite best intentions. We’ve wanted to come see the Renegades for a long time and this opportunity made it possible for our whole family, which is truly a rarity. Thanks to all you wonderful folks at the Dutch for putting in the work and really thinking of families with special needs down to the last detail." - Marybeth M.