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Renegades' Kay cycles in professional debut

Rays 27th-rounder homers in first at-bat, goes 5-for-6 in first game
July 14, 2014

There was a decent chance Grant Kay wasn't supposed to be on the Dutchess Stadium field Monday. First, there was the whole decision-making process about whether to return to the University of Louisville -- where the right-handed slugger had batted .285 with with five homers and 23 steals in 65

Military, Minor Leagues share unique bond

Chihuahuas reaching out to show gratitude to Fort Bliss community
May 26, 2014

"Hey, Each, what's the score?" "Huh, Sarn't?" I said groggily after a quick nap on a luxurious Army cot. "Yeah, Each, the score," my first line supervisor, Sgt. Michael Thebeau, repeated. "Did the Rangers win?" It was late October 2011 and my unit (2nd Squadron, 13th Cavalry Regiment) just finished