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During the 2017 season, the Spokane Indians Baseball team, together with the Spokane Tribe of Indians and City of Spokane introduced the Redband Rally Campaign in honor of Spokane's signature fish, the native Redband Trout. This campaign is designed to bring awareness to the Redband trout and the Spokane River and rally the community to protect and keep the river clean. The Redband Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss gairdnerii) is a beautiful, unique and important species of fish in the Spokane region, and was one of the first foods of the Spokane Tribe of Indians. To create a visible presence and to honor the native Redband trout, the baseball team introduced a new logo that is featured on apparel, signage, headbands and artwork. We believe that the Redband trout embodies the ideals of our team and its players: hard-fighting, resilient and adaptive under ever-changing circumstances.

Redband Rally Fund in Use


  • In conjunction with Mark Peterson and the 4 News Now Extreme Team, Spokane Indians staff and the Spokane Tribe of Indians rehabilitate the baseball field at Glover Park. This abandoned baseball field project included new dugout benches, infield dirt and overall grooming. Now playable, this field is open to baseball, softball and kickball enthusiasts.


  • On July 6, the Spokane Park Board renamed Glover Field to Redband Park. The Park Board voted unanimously to rename Glover Field and Peaceful Valley Riverwalk to Redband Park, in honor of the Redband Rainbow Trout that spawn in the area and the Redband Rally campaign.
  • Posted a $1,000 reward for the conviction of the person who illegally killed Redband trout caught in the Spokane River. Pledged $500 to more signs on the Spokane River for Redband habitat/rules/ identity to help prevent further poaching.
  • Established a $1,000 annual scholarship for local elementary school science teacher to use for a Redband education day on the Spokane River. This money can be used to take students on a field trip to Redband Park and be used for transportation and guest speakers.


  • The Spokane Indians installed an educational marker in the Hall of Fame Plaza to explain the Redband Rally Campaign elements and educate fans.
  • The fund made a $5,000 contribution to the Spokane River Forum to establish a sculpture at the entrance to Redband Park in partnership with the City of Spokane's efforts to revitalize the area.
  • In-kind donations to the establishment of the new Raft & Paddle launch located at Redband Park.
  • The Spokane River Forum partnered with the City of Spokane Parks and Recreation to create Redband Plaza with the Redband Rising sculpture as the centerpiece. The sculpture, park and plaza area is a tribute to Redband trout.
  • This builds upon efforts to reclaim and revitalize Redband Park, previously called Glover Field. Last spring, the Forum partnered with the WA Department of Commerce and city to build a $250,000 non-motorized boat launch that was an instant success.
  • In partnership with the Spokane River Forum, the Redband Rally Fund contributed to help pave the Aubrey White takeout, making it safer for raft and paddle users to exit the river.


  • The campaign partnered with the Spokane River Forum to supply trash bags for the Get Up, Get Out River Cleanup project.
  • The Spokane Indians Baseball Organization and Redband Rally Campaign announce debut of the Spokane Riverkeeper Redband Raft. The new Redband Raft, which was purchased with funds from the Redband Rally Campaign, will be used for donor, partner, and supporter float tours of the river as well as river habitat research trips. In addition, the raft will be used as a second boat for river litter cleanup, and shuttling Spokane Riverkeeper staff, interns and volunteers to assist with homeless outreach efforts on the river. An existing Riverkeeper raft will be reassigned for river litter cleanup only.


  • The campaign partnered with Spokane Falls Trout Unlimited (SFTU) to plant new trees along California Creek, just south of Spokane. California Creek is vital to the Hangman Creek watershed and supplies fresh, clean, cold water into the entire system. New trees provide shade during the hot summer months to keep water temperatures down. Thanks SFTU for letting us be involved!
  • The Redband Rally Campaign committed $1,500 to being a supporting sponsor of the Spokane Tribal Fishing Derby for the next three years (2021, 2022, 2023). In addition, the Spokane Indians Baseball Club donated a variety of hats, t-shirts, baseballs, and ticket vouchers for fishing derby prizes. The overall goal of the hatchery is to aid in the restoration and enhancement of the Spokane River fisheries. The primary objective is to create and sustain harvestable fisheries in this project area.


  • The Spokane Indians front office and gameday team partnered with Spokane Riverkeeper and Spokane River Forum to complete a river cleanup along the banks of the Spokane River. The Redband Rally campaign supplies litter clean up bags for all Spokane River Forum sponsored clean up events.
  • In partnership with the Spokane Riverkeeper, the campaign was a supporting sponsor of the eighth annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival. This year's films celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act and highlighted the fight for clean water around the world.
  • The Redband Rally campaign contributed to the purchase of a real time water temperature logger to be installed in the Spokane River. In total four loggers will record, transmit, and display real time water temperature data available to river users via the Spokane Falls Trout Unlimited website. This will aid in decision making regarding fishing and recreation, as well as monitoring water temperatures in a changing climate. Anglers can use this data to avoid fishing during high water temperatures, when fish are already stressed, ultimately protecting native Redband Trout. Prior to the installation of these temperature loggers, the Spokane River had no real time temperature monitoring locations despite very high summer water temperature, a clear impairment to native Redband Trout.
  • The Redband Rally Campaign was a sponsor of the 2022 Clear Lake Kids Fishing Event. This annual event, put on by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, allows for kids in Spokane County the opportunity to learn how to fish. The purpose of the event is to help promote healthy use of Spokane's rivers and lakes and inspire life-long stewards of our natural resources.
  • The Redband Rally campaign funded the creation of informational brochures and signs used to educate the community and individuals enjoying the Spokane River about native trout protection and poaching. The purpose of these brochures is to protect and restore the health of the Spokane River watershed and to defend the access and opportunity for all citizens to enjoy the benefits of a clean and healthy Spokane River.

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