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Triple-A Affiliate
The Official Site of the Sugar Land Space Cowboys Sugar Land Space Cowboys

The Brand

The Space Cowboys unite two worlds that resonate with the Greater Houston area -- the largest city in Texas and home to the NASA Johnson Space Center.

In the early 1900s, the cowboy aura and Western expansion ruled the day, as the likes of John Wayne, Calamity Jane and Butch Cassidy embodied the ideals of a protector and hard worker. As the century continued and technology advanced, so did the admiration for astronauts as space travel took center stage. Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride embodied a new kind of hero, risking their lives to go places no person had ever gone before.

We're incredibly thrilled to begin this journey and we hope you'll follow along as we usher in a new era of baseball in Sugar Land, Texas.

Brand Colors

Inspired by a shot of the horizon of the earth from space, the color palette and gradient feature light blue, navy, orange, gray and black notes that are prominent in the franchise’s logo and uniforms. The colors represent the ever-expanding Sugar Land community and an exciting new chapter on the horizon for the Triple-A Affiliate of the Houston Astros at Constellation Field.


The primary logo features our "Space Cowboy" donning a cowboy hat and bandana reminiscent of our rugged Texas roots. Covering his face is a blast shield peppered with space dust as a nod to the space exploration that makes our city unique. The starburst at the eye shows that our Space Cowboy is always looking to the new frontier. Without a facial expression, the design conveys the tough, confident and heroic aura that represent our team.

The SL is our alternate logo used on our road hat. The large and pronounced letters call out the great city they represent. Featured in the center of the L, the ever-present starburst guides our journey forward through the galaxy painted in the background of each letter.

The Mission Patch logo intertwines the essence of the regal Texas flag with a rocket, ready to launch. The Sugar Land starburst is once again carried into the logo in place of the traditional Lone Star and the rocket’s central and upward-facing position signifies the desire to reach new heights and take on challenges many would say are not achievable.

The Space Cowboys Wordmark showcases the thematic starburst with a horizon line intersecting its way across the Space Cowboys mark – a constant reminder that our mission is to keep our eye on the horizon and look towards the future.