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  • Fans have been allowed to bring their dogs to the ballpark and sit in the section of the assigned ticket. If the dog needs extra space, an additional ticket should be purchased to give the dog more room
  • The Thunder reserve the right to remove a dog from the ballpark if it is not well-behaved
  • Leashes are required on the dogs at all times, no exceptions
  • The grass area just outside the 1st base season ticket gate and rivergate (Walt’s Gate) will be the designated area for dogs to do their business
  • Ushers will have plastic bags just in case a dog needs to do their business inside the ballpark
  • The Thunder will have bowls of water all along the concourse for the dogs
  • Vendor tables will be located on the concourse for fans and their pets to visit during the game

Check back for 2023 Firework dates and musical themes!